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Home truths: housing waiting lists double

The chronic shortage of new homes being built in the South West has led to a doubling in the last year of the number of people waiting for a home.

A new report called Home Truths 2012 produced by the National Housing Federation (NHF) has revealed the shocking need for new homes in the region. Currently more than 186,000 people are waiting to be housed.  At the same time the standard 25% deposit required for an averagely priced home has now reached £55, 021 a figure the average wage earner would take more than nine years to save.

The impact of all this is to send house prices and private rents soaring, making it increasingly hard for people to afford to rent their own home let alone buy one.

The NHF study found that more than 27,000 new households were formed last year but just 16,100 homes were built. This means the region is building only 60% of the homes needed.

The National Housing Federation is calling on the government and local politicians to work with the housing industry to tackle the crisis. But public support for building the right homes in the right place is also essential and the Federation believes it needs to help those who say “yes” to home to get their voice heard.

The Federation has launched a campaign, Yes to Homes which it is hoped will give local people the chance to show that they are concerned about the ability of their children and grandchildren to be able to live in the region. 

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